Hotel Video Marketing

Video Marketing is a critically important tool for the travel industry. It helps convey an emotional experience to viewers: the feeling of walking into a beautiful hotel lobby, the comfort of a clean hotel room, the excitement of arriving at a resort with on-site entertainment. Second only to being there in person, video is truly the best way to convey what guests can expect during their stay.  We can work with you to evaluate and produce videos to seamlessly integrate with and enhance your marketing plan.

A landing page with professional video generates 4 – 7 times more engagement, and results in increased bookings.

Travelers Want Videos

66% of travelers watch videos when planning a trip. Those viewers are 115% more likely to make a reservation than those who don’t see a video.

Sell the Experience

65% of travelers watch videos to check the available activities at potential destinations. Visualize their complete travel experience with a video.

Video Increases SEO

Featuring a video significantly increases the chances of being a first-page Google search result – an extremely important factor in the highly competitive travel market.

Travelers Trust Video

87% of people who see positive video testimonials from former guests are more likely to stay at the hotel – authenticity makes an impact.


When you collaborate with use on a video project, we’ll work to develop a detailed understanding of your hotel / resort and associated marketing goals. Whether you need just a single video or a comprehensive video strategy developed, we’ll be happy to provide advice and recommendations on the types of videos best suited to your goals.

Visitor Checking in to Hotel Front Desk

Hotel Profile

The centerpiece to your hotel video marketing strategy, the profile video introduces your hotel to prospective guests. Great for showcasing hotel amenities, core values, and staff courtesy, the hotel profile video conveys everything that makes your hotel stand out.

Smiling Hotel Visitor Giving Testimonial

Testimonial Videos

Hotel & resort guests rely heavily on the opinions of other travelers when making booking decisions. Authentic unscripted testimonials broadcast a consistently positive image, and are a vital component towards building trust and confidence with future guests.

Hotel Room Video Tour Example

Video Tour

The Video Tour addresses several key concerns that travelers expect to see covered in a video. It very effectively communicates to viewers the quality & style of the hotel (or resort), highlights key amenities, and importantly – shows the difference between room categories.

Hotel Employee Appearing in Scripted Video Ad

Scripted Ads

For announcements, event promotions, and feature-specific videos, the scripted ad combines professional voiceover with visually captivating visuals & a coordinated music track. Great for very specific messages, and works well with a strong call to action.

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Every video project begins with a conversation. Whether you’re exploring video for the first time, or have a comprehensive vision with detailed requirements – we’re here to help.

For overnight stays and luxury resorts alike, travelers are looking for more than just a bed to sleep in. Increasingly, those travelers are anticipating (and even expecting) compelling videos to be available from the hotels and resorts they’re considering. A strong hotel video marketing strategy can highlight key features like lounge areas, local attractions, the luxury amenities – the features that make your hotel stand out from the competition.
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