Attorney Video Marketing

Video offers a unique opportunity for attorneys to make a great first impression with potential clients. Our attorney video marketing offers viewers the feeling of a one-on-one relationship that’s difficult to provide through plain text. Clients can get a feel for your personality and style, which can help them determine if you’re a good fit for them. Video also increases your website’s appeal – many people simply prefer watching videos to reading text.

58% of viewers see an attorney’s practice as more trustworthy, due to their video content.

Videos Build Trust

71% of people say watching an attorney video gives them a positive impression of a practice. Unlike text or images along, video connects with viewer’s emotions.​

Get More Visitors

Attorneys who use video marketing see two to three times as many monthly visitors to their sites and a 157% increase in organic traffic.​

Clients Watch Video

48% of people use video to research a particular service. 28% use it to gauge the competition, and 16% use it to research companies.​

Higher Click Rates

Compared to their plain text counterparts, videos found through universal search results have a 41% higher click through rate.​


When you collaborate with use on a video project, we’ll work to develop a detailed understanding of your legal practice and marketing goals. Whether you need just a single video or a comprehensive video strategy developed, we’ll be happy to provide advice and recommendations on the types of videos best suited to your goals.​
Attorney Posing for a Profile Video

Attorney Profile

Most attorney video marketing strategies begin with a profile video. It introduces you and your practice to potential clients, while highlighting your objectives, values, and all-star legal team.

Attorney Writing Video Notes

Educational Videos​

Educational videos establish you as an authority in your field, while building your brand. Take this opportunity to offer insight into how legal proceedings work, how clients can prepare for certain events, and similar.​

Legal Gavel on Desk

FAQ Videos​

Clients have many questions, especially about legal procedures. FAQ (frequently asked question) videos let you answer these questions in an engaging “search engine friendly” way, while showing your expertise & personality.

Attorney Client Testimonial Video Example

Testimonal Videos

Prospective clients want to know that you’re successful. Let your former clients show them, by way of client testimonial videos. They’re a powerful way to establish credibility and build trust with your viewers.​

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Every video project begins with a conversation. Whether you’re exploring video for the first time, or have a comprehensive vision with detailed requirements – we’re here to help.

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