Dental Video Marketing

Video offers an important opportunity for dentists to make a great first impression with potential patients. As with most medical providers, patient trust and comfort is critical when it comes to selecting a dentist. Through video, patients can be introduced to your dental practice while developing a feel for your personality and style.  Such an introduction is far more authentic and compelling than a written introduction, and adds a personal touch that helps your dental practice stand out.

Using video marketing increases your patient conversion rates 90%-230%.

Leverage Social Media

71% of Americans ages 18-34 use social networking. Reach a broader audience by adding videos to your social channels.

Video Boosts Rankings

Adding dental video marketing on your site makes it far times more likely to land on the front page of Google search results.

Video Grows Traffic

Of the dentists who use video on social media sites, 70% saw a increase in site traffic and 60% saw an increase in search engine results.

Get More Clicks

People looking for dentists are 41% more likely to click on a video that appears in universal search results than its plain text counterpart.


When you collaborate with use on a video project, we’ll work to develop a detailed understanding of your dental practice and marketing goals. Whether you need just a single video or a comprehensive video strategy developed, we’ll be happy to provide advice and recommendations on the types of videos best suited to your goals.

Smiling Dentist Recording a Video

Dentist Profile

Engage your patients with a profile video. They’ll learn about your professional history, personal interest in dentistry, and unique style – building a strong sense of trust, comfort, and likeability.

Video Producer Typing a Dental Video Script

Scripted Ad

For specialty procedures, compelling marketing offers, & distinct services, the scripted ad makes it easy to explain your message & connect with customers via video – without appearing on camera.

Smiling Patient Pointing at Mouth


Showcasing authentic interviews with patients is an excellent way to build trust with potential new patients. Viewers believe other patients, & as a result testimonials elicit a very high response rate from viewers.

Dentist Educating Patients with Mouth Model

Educational Video

Videos with basic dental advice are very effective at establishing your business as the local cutting edge practice. These videos draw in new patients, while cementing your credibility as an expert in the field.

Ready for More Information? a Free Quote? a Consultation? Let's Talk!

Every video project begins with a conversation. Whether you’re exploring video for the first time, or have a comprehensive vision with detailed requirements – we’re here to help.

Our videos can show potential patients your welcoming office and briefly walk them through a routine dental cleaning. We’ll highlight what makes your office unique – If your staff is known for being friendly, we’ll showcase them in your video. If you have a specialty procedure, we’ll help you give your future patients an overview of what they can expect. With the right mix of short videos, we’ll introduce potential patients to you and your practice. We’ll help you reach your patients in a new, creative way with dental video marketing.​
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