The Matt of all Media Monday Morning Media Moment

These short videos are intended for business owners who prefer a DIY (“Do it yourself”) Video approach.  If you’re interested in creating one or more videos for you business without the direct help of a hired professional – please consider the below videos an educational resource to assist with your production.

If you’re interested in a collaborative production, as some business owners prefer (e.g. shooting the video yourself, and hiring a professional to edit the footage), please contact us.  We can direct you to the most applicable videos, and provide tips specific to your goals.

Video Sorting & New Content

Please use the buttons above (e.g. “Video Technique”) to sort the video gallery & find those videos most applicable to your project.  As more educational DIY videos are added, additional categories will be added for easy searching.

A new video will be added to the below gallery twice every month.  Videos will be posted on alternating Mondays, shared via links on our social media pages, and sent out once a month in our newsletter.  Please follow us on social and sign up for our newsletter to receive the latest updates!

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