Video Services for Marketing Agencies


We offer White Label Video Production locally and across North America through our nationwide partnership network.  Once scheduled, we can turn most business videos around in just 10 days nationwide.  Our services maintain a high level of quality, reflecting a commitment to the companies we work with.  This approach ensures ongoing customer satisfaction.

How We Work:

We work with marketing agencies and related marketing service companies in a variety of capacities.  Whether you prefer to facilitate contact with your clients, or refer them to us for direct communication – we’re happy to work out an arrangement that best fits your business.

We’re happy to work with companies who just need a “one-off” job done for their client.  We also look to develop long term relationships with companies who see high value in video – often with a desire to seamlessly add it to their service list.

How to Get Started:

For more information in terms of pricing, reselling, collaborative relationships, and similar – please fill out the form below.  We’ll send you our easy to review “Working with Matt of all Media Productions” guide, with information that includes:  Popular Services, Pricing Guidelines, Customer Procedures, Billing Policies, Deposits, Expenses, and similar.

We Offer the Following Types of Video Production Services

Expert Video Series
Position yourself as an industry expert with a video series to build website traffic.

Expert Video Services

Business Profile Videos
Showcase your business or professional credentials to rise above the competition.

Business Profile Videos Services

Product Videos
Feature the benefits of your business\’s products to skyrocket e-commerce sales.

Product Videos Services

Testimonial Videos
Let your most satisfied customers do the selling for you, with a testimonial video.

Testimonial Video Services

Website Commercials
A scripted video for your website; used to increase visitor conversion rate.

Website Commercials Services

Event Recording
Single or multi-camera coverage to professionally capture your event.

Event Recording Services

Realty Tours
Specialized videos showcase properties for a lasting impression and quicker sale.

Real Estate Video Services

Kinetic Text Videos
Low cost, animated text based videos for quick & visually appealing messages.

Kinetic Typography Video Service

Video Editing
Applying our expertise to create a seamless video from footage you\’ve shot.

Video Editing Services

Custom Videos
We\’ll develop & execute a production plan unique to your concept or vision.

Custom Video Services

Book Trailers
Increasingly popular movie-trailer style video advertisements for books.

Book Trailers Services

Highlight Reels
Fast paced compilations of footage for entertainment or advertisement.

Highlight Reels Services

We Also Offer the Following Video Services

•  Music Videos

An excellent music video is the perfect way to reward your fans, and spread your music organically.  Highly shareable, very memorable, and critical for maximizing exposure.

•  Talent Reels

Inaudible & low quality samples get skipped by casting directors.  Make your first impression count with a professionally edited (or shot & edited) talent reel.

•  Instructional Videos

Repeating instructions to customers is often a non-revenue generating use of time.  Instructional Videos do the talking for you, so you can focus on more important things.

•  Training Videos

Employee training can be a costly recurring expense, as turnover and business growth occur.  Training videos can shortcut the process, saving time and money.

• Photo to Video Slideshows

Great for events and sharing memories, we can turn your paper photographs or digital images into an animated “Ken Burns” style video, complete with music.

•  DVD Authoring

DVDs are a novel business handout that prompt recipient followup.  We can produce basic discs, or fully manufactured “Hollywood Style” discs.

•  Internet Video Encoding

Whether you have a MiniDV tape, an older analog tape, a DVD, large digital files, or similar – we can optimize and prepare the files for Web Sharing (e.g. Youtube, etc).

•  Video Resumes

Slowly increasing in popularity, the properly done video resume (or video accompanied resume) can secure your candidacy among a sea of paper resumes.

Other Video Production Services

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