Case Study

The construction company featured in this video wanted to create a piece that showcased their work on a historical property, with two uses in mind. First as a marketing piece for the web, but also as an in-person showpiece for display during a public tour of the house.

Keeping the production lightweight, we arranged for two brief on-location interviews. A small lighting setup was sufficient for the look desired, and pictures provided by the construction company were used to fill in the visuals – circumventing the need for realty-style video footage, and keeping costs very controlled.

The result was 2 discrete construction company videos – one at 3 minutes in length for use on location, and one selectively reduced to 90 seconds for more effective use on the web. The simplicity of the approach allows viewers to focus on the content without distraction.

Featured Video Elements

  • On Location Interview
  • “Ken Burns” Style Photo Integration

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