Case Study

The Realtor for this commercial realty building was interested in creating a video that showed the newly renovated areas throughout, within the space of a video as efficient as possible to retain maximum viewer attention.

Using a combination of Slider and Jib mounted shots, we put together a series of video clips that give a very brief snapshot of the newly remodeled spaces – just enough to catch the eye of an interested viewer, and motivate them to call for a tour of the building. 

The slider was used to create the smooth horizontally moving shots, revealing the room in an appealing fashion.  A jib was used for the exterior shots, lending a desired vertically sweeping sensation to the camera’s motion – a look perceived as a “big budget” visual, without the normally associated cost.

Featured Video Elements

  • Slider Shots for Horizontal Motion
  • Jib Shots for Vertical Exteriors
  • Logo & Text Overlays for Branding & Emphasis

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