Matt’s D.I.Y. Production Tip – Looking Natural on Camera

This month’s DIY tip is one to help you look and feel natural in front of the camera. To the degree that the parameters of your video allow, don’t try to memorize a long script or read off of cue cards. Without significant practice, using cue cards often results in unnatural looking video. Similarly, attempting to memorize a lengthy script can quickly become a regrettable mistake.

Remembering the lines is a challenge in itself. Coupled with a desire to emphasize words appropriately, perform the entire script without error, and do it all under the pressure of a running camera, it often becomes impossible.

Admittedly, If the message is short, sweet, and you can easily memorize a handful of lines – this approach can work well. But in most other situations, you’ll find that it’s best to remember the broad picture – and fill in the details on the fly. Remember the main point you’re trying to make, focus on that, and simply explain it naturally. You’ll find that this approach yields natural pacing, comfortable language, and an authentic look on camera.

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