Matt’s D.I.Y. Production Tip – Let Youtube do the Heavy Lifting

Business owners often ask me the best way to embed video on their websites. Is flash video the best way to go? What about HTML5? Can it be viewed on mobile devices? What size should the file be? How will people see my video?

In most cases, the answer is simply: Let Youtube do the heavy lifting.

Every minute, 72 hours of video are uploaded to Youtube. That isn’t a typo – that’s 72 hours uploaded, every minute. Why is that important? Because their upload process is continually tested, optimized, and refined to handle that video – and they do it well. Youtube performs optimized compression on your video, and creates 4 versions of it – each designed for playback on various devices. When a viewer accesses your video, Youtube automatically determines and delivers the quality most appropriate for them – ensuring an optimized viewing experience. While your website server may lock up with uncharacteristically high traffic, Youtube’s servers can handle heavy viewing load – among other things, particularly useful if you send your video out in an email blast. Youtube is almost universally accessible on different platforms and devices, and allows you to easily share your video via email, social media, and directly embedded in your website. It’s also the world’s 2nd largest search engine, and happens to be a free service. So when thinking about the best way to share your video, remember: Let Youtube do the heavy lifting.

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