Matt’s D.I.Y. Production Tip – Basic Audio

Many businesses on a budget often ask about making a video without hiring a professional – after all, isn’t any video better than no video?

There’s a fine line between a carefully home-made video that promotes your brand and an amateur production that reflects poorly upon your business. Chief among the concerns to take into consideration is that of the audio portion of the video. While you should always strive to represent your business in the best possible manner through a well produced video, viewers are often quick to forgive a video that’s too dark, poorly shot, etc – if they’re interested in the content. Send them a video with poor audio however, and you’ll be quick to lose their attention.

Avoid this pitfall by using a microphone separate from the one built into your camera. Check your video camera’s instruction manual to ensure you have an audio-input jack, then pick up a compatible hard wired lavalier mic from you favorite electronics store. This kind of mic can clip right onto your actor’s collar, and pickup clear, crisp sound. Expect to spend anywhere from $30 – $80 on a consumer grade mic, or upwards of $250 for professional grade equipment. As always, feel free to reach out with any questions and consider Matt of all Media Productions a resource available to you for any of your video needs.

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