Matt’s D.I.Y. Production Tip – Backgrounds

There’s no doubt about it – as many people see the power of video on the web, they’re excited to give it a shot themselves! You might have seen some of these videos, and even been tempted to pick up a camera and try it yourself. Though I recommend consulting with a professional to ensure the best representation of your brand, there’s certainly a place for the do-it-yourself-er in video. Before you start shooting though, check out this tip to drastically improve the look of you video!

When shooting video, there’s often a tendency to find an empty white wall, stand right in the middle of it, and start recording. On one hand it makes sense – keep the background clean, and it won’t be distracting. On the other hand, however, it gives the video a certain feel – one that makes it look overly staged in a sense, as if the entire environment is barren and empty.

When setting up your shot, I’d encourage you to step away from the wall – leaving six or more feet behind you. Try not to stand in the middle of the frame, but instead just left or right of center. Then place something all the way in the background, on the opposite side. Maybe a bookshelf, lamp, shaded window, or similar. By giving the shot some depth, you’ll hint at an interesting environment that makes the video look and feel more realistic!

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