Marketing With Video Case Study – Fun in the Sun with Paintball

The second video I’ve included showcases a completely different kind of summer video, one that saw us step out from behind the computer, and on to the paintball field. It’s an important reminder that sometimes video can be just for fun, to capture, enhance, or share a memory with others. On this particular video we’ve done performed a variety of “color grading” techniques, intended to create a unique look for the footage.

By adjusting the video’s luma (luminosity) levels, we’ve separated the contrast fairly strongly – creating strong dark and bright areas in a manner that diverts from the normal contrast curve, and makes the footage feel more “gritty”. We then pushed certain colors towards an increased level of saturation, bringing out unnaturally strong blues in the sky & enhancing the greens of the trees. In this particular case, we did it to create a unique visual effect. In most cases, such changes in color are used to enhance mood, message, or similar.

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