Marketing with Video Case Study – Behind the Scenes at a Photo Shoot

Standing in front of a camera often makes people nervous, or at the very least self conscious. Trust and rapport between a customer and photographer become critical components of a successful shoot; often the difference between a stressful and tense or fun and exciting session. Though it might be ideal in many cases for a business owner to get to know every customer personally before a given engagement, constraints on time and resources make doing so nearly impossible. On the other hand, forcing prospective customers to choose you from among your competitors with written information alone leaves too much to chance.

Through use of a behind the scenes video, we were able to convey Blake’s personality, show what a day at his studio looks like, and give prospective customers excellent insight into the sort of experience they can expect when they hire him. He’s placed himself ahead of the competition by reaching out and meeting prospective customers from the comfort of their computer, helping them develop an initial level of trust and rapport with him – before they even pick up the phone. Watch the video above to follow us behind the scenes.

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