Marketing With Video Case Study – A Jamaican Summer Dish

As labor day approaches, I thought it would be most appropriate to share two summer videos. The first video below showcases an opportunity I had to work with Charmaine Lord, a home chef who specializes in Jamaican food. She had the opportunity to be featured by Zoomer Magazine recently, and needed to provide them with several cooking videos for their publication. Watch below to see how we simulated a multi-camera shoot, using only a traditional single camera method.

We wanted to create very short, compressed versions of the “real time” recipe – in other words, turning a 30 minute process into a 2 minute overview. This meant acquiring as much footage as possible on set, then compiling it with creative editing technique in a manner that mimics the modern “jump cut” style popularized by Youtube stars. The result is a fast paced video that moves from step to step with relative smoothness, taking viewers from ingredients to plating in under 3 minutes.

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