The Importance of Business Explainer Videos

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Making your business appear vital to prospective customers is a tough job, especially when you have only seconds to convince them. Research shows that website visitor’s short attention spans only give you about 8 seconds to pique their interest, before they decide whether to move on or learn more. How do you engage your customers quickly? Don’t simply tell them about your business – show them with an explainer video.
Explainer Video Concept

What is an Explainer Video?

It’s an entertaining way of explaining that uses the power of visuals to show and tell customers what they need to know about your business. In the video, a script explains what your business does and outlines your value proposition to customers. It’s important to use only the most relevant material in the video, or you risk losing your customers’ interest. A successful explainer video will talk to the audience without using jargon that may go over their heads.

So why Use an Explainer Video?

Pitch Constantly

Using an explainer video, you can sell your products and services 24 hours a day. Because it’s available on demand, you don’t have to be present to talk to customers about your company. Prospective customers around the world can opt to watch your video anytime – when their interest is highest.

Promote Your Business Clearly

Though you’re not selling in a one-on-one setting, the video should to contain the same sales pitch that makes businesses understand your value. Identify your audience’s problem, and tell them how you’re the solution. Don’t leave them wondering what your company does. Spell it out. Let them know how they’ll benefit from your products or services.

Share Easily

Hands Holding Speech Bubbles with Social Media WordsAn explainer video is versatile and easy to share across multiple platforms, so you can reach more customers with minimal additional effort. The Pew Research Center suggests “78% of adults watch or download online video.” That’s a lot of potential customers, and there are numerous ways to get your video to them. Online, video sharing is possible through websites like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and more. You can also use the video as a tool in email marketing – increasing click through rates and supercharging your newsletters. Don’t limit yourself to only using your video online, however. You can take it offline, showing it at meetings, conferences, and sales meetings.

Connecting with your customers in a short amount of time is critical to selling your business. The days of simply telling your audience about your business by way of dense text-heavy paragraphs are gone. Video marketing is here to stay, and we recommend taking advantage of it. They offer an engaging, effective way to quickly show viewers what your company has to offer, and how you can be of value to them.


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